Independent Lubricant Blender’s Association

April 2, 2009
Dear Customers,Oilflow is a certified ILBA member

This complimentary letter serves as a platform to introduce the association’s benefits for lubricant end-users who are being supplied by ILBA members.

ILBA will enforce its principles of ethics which are aspiration goals of professional conduct for all association members who pledge to adhere to a standard of excellence in blending, producing, packaging, promoting, and marketing. All members of ILBA shall blend, compound and produce lubricants meeting applicable industry standards, test specifications and operating procedures as prescribed by ILBA, SAE, API, SANS and other standard setting organizations recognized generally in the industry.

The association’s vision is to actively extend its membership list to include all independent lubricant blenders operating in Southern Africa who are willing to focus on upholding the stringent requirements and quality standards set by ILBA. Products blended according to these standards and by members of ILBA will easily be identified by ILBA’s logo.

ILBA has commissioned a prominent independent laboratory to regulate the quality assurance of lubricants blended by its members. Random analysis is done on a regular base and member’s lubricant quality is subject to review by ILBA’s appointed ethics and quality assurance committee.

Members are expected to maintain excellent service delivery within the lubricant industry and ILBA’s success will give the end-users peace of mind. A better understanding of the association can be obtained from our website:

I am privileged to affirm that Cancri Tropicus 151 cc t/a Oilflow is a certified ILBA member, class: blender member, and has subscribed to the association’s constitution and code of ethics.

Signed by
Mr. A. Hime
ILBA Chairperson


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