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Oilflow, a registered company offers the guarantee of quality and performance of all Oilflow’s automotive and industrial range of products.

All Oilflow products are blended to API specification with virgin base oils which are obtained from SABS ISO 9002 rated suppliers.

All additives used in the blending process for the various Oilflow products are obtained from the world’s most reputable and leading international additive manufacturers, which has the latest world technology available to it, thus the ability to produce any product in the various specifications category required.

Oilflow provides a wide spectrum of products covering the automotive industrial, mining and transport sectors in the industry, as well as the entire range of greases in all its various pack sizes. All Fleetline products are guaranteed provided that all the correct classification and specifications of product are used as per the various equipment and lubrication manufacturers’ recommendations.

No guarantee will be considered, if faulty, inferior, incorrect, or parts not recognised by the original equipment manufacturer are used. Should any further information or technical advice be required please do not hesitate to call us at any time.

We know your needs and can supply product to meet your demand.