Products and Services

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Oilflow manufactures a range of automotive and industrial cleaning products, lubricants, greases and specialised fluids, alongside specialised products, packaged under our client’s brands. We guarantee our products and are an approved ISO 9001 : 2015 independently audited manufacturer. We are a member of the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and have our products approved by international car brands like Renault, Mack Trucks, and Volvo.

We pride ourselves in being very flexible and quick to react, with a sales team that focuses on understanding your needs, so that our highly capable production team can focus on getting your needs met.

Beyond our own current products, we are able to build new products and create customised packaging in any size variant from 50ml to 1000 Litres.

Our strong relationship with local and international raw material and packaging suppliers, makes us both flexible and affordable.

Quality and consistency are the backbone of the trust we will build, whilst being able to adapt quickly to your needs, enabling you to stay ahead.