Homogeneous water based degreaser, used for degreasing painted and unpainted surfaces of mechanical and automotive components soiled with dirty oil and grease as well as industrial food industry cleaning.

Also used for domestic purposes in around the house, floor, walls, tiles etc.


The main marketing brand for Oilflow, Fleetline lubricants, this name is very well known throughout South Africa, as well as some of the neighbouring African countries, Fleetline is a ISO 9001 approved brand that Oilflow is very proud of.  

Lube X 

An engine oil for use in light delivery diesel engines and petrol engines.

The additive pack incorporated in the oil ensures good protection to engine parts, a good spec engine oil at a very competitive price, brilliant for the taxi industry, filling stations, workshops etc.

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Oilflow, a registered company offers the guarantee of quality and performance of all Oilflow's automotive and industrial range of products. All Oilflow products are blended to API spesification with virgin base oils which are obtained from SABS ISO 9002 rated suppliers.

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Oilflow was establised in February 1997 and operates within the automotive industrial lubricants market segment and mining sectors with a totalrange and greases.

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We constantly increase the quality assurance consciousness and application of all our personnel

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