Our Brands

Oilflow offers a range of high-quality brands that cater to the needs of various industries – from South Africa’s leading cleaning & degreasing brand, Blixem to our flagship automotive & industrial oils and lubricants brands, Fleetline and LubeX. Oilflow’s specialised range of lubricants are designed to meet OEM requirements and formulated with the finest virgin base oils & highest quality additives to ensure optimal performance and extended equipment life. At Oilflow, we are committed to providing our customers with the best-in-class solutions for their automotive, industrial, and cleaning needs, along with excellent customer service and technical support.

Powerful cleaning you can count on, from a brand you can rely on!

Featuring a wide range of cleaning products to suit every need. Our range of Blixem products are well-suited to help you clean around your home, office, or store. Whether you’re in need of an effective product to clean greasy automotive parts, floors in workshops or to effortlessly clean and keep surfaces hygienic in commercial, household, and industrial areas, there’s a Blixem product suited for you!

Stay on track with Fleetline.

Ensure your vehicle and equipment runs optimally with a wide range of Fleetline’s premium products. Our range of oils, fluids and lubricants are suitable for application in passenger cars as well as industrial and agricultural vehicles and equipment. Fleetline products meet international manufacturer standards, are ISO 9001:2015, OEM & SABS approved to ensure the highest quality with every use.

Feel the difference. Trust LubeX!

LubeX products are designed to suit your needs. From automotive to industrial applications, this range of specialised oils & lubricants ensure your high milage components are well protected and last longer. With a special selection of hydraulic oils, engine oils, brake fluids, antifreeze, battery water and so much more, this range of trusted fluids and oils is a leading alternative to our competitors’ products and meet OEM performance standards.

The perfect blend of reliability & excellence!

Driveline offers a select range of high-quality automotive oils & lubricants including engine oils, hydraulic oils, and coolants, all designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. This selection of products are specially formulated to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your vehicle. With Driveline, you can trust that you’re getting reliable performance & excellence.


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