EP 75W90 GL 5 SYN

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Fleetline EP 75W90 GL-5 full synthetic gear oil is a premium lubricant specifically designed to tackle common issues associated with gear selection and overheating in highly stressed powertrains.
Using an advanced formula that features a high level of Polyalphaolefin synthetic hydrocarbon technology and performance additives, this gear oil provides outstanding lubrication even at extreme operating temperatures where conventional oils begin to break down.
It is highly recommended for use in automotive gearboxes and hypoid axles that require an SAE 75W90 grade lubricant. It’s also the perfect choice for Ford high-speed and other multi-speed gearboxes, and can be confidently used for topping up wherever an SAE 80W90 oil has been specified.

Standard Specifications:
API GL-5, Ford M2C-175A, MIL 2105D, MB235.8, ZF TE ML 02B, 05B.


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