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Fleetline 10W30 SN/CF is a high-performance, full synthetic multigrade oil designed for petrol and diesel engines operating in high and low temperature, high-pressure conditions. It is formulated using selected base stocks and viscosity modifiers to provide top-tier lubrication to modern engines. The oil features improved high-temperature deposit and sludge control on engine components, and is also backward compatible with older modern cars. Additionally, Fleetline 10W30 SN/CF offers excellent thermal and oxidative stability, base number retention and reserve, soot dispersancy, and exceptional wear protection for rings, pistons, and liners, while improving oil consumption control.

Standard Specifications:
SAE 10W30, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4, MB 229.3/ MB 226.5, VW 501.01/VW 505.00, Renault 710/700, Ford WSS-M2C917A


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