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Fleetline Tractella 15W40 SF/CF/GL4 is a premium-grade engine oil formulated to provide exceptional performance and protection for various types of machinery and equipment. This versatile oil meets and exceeds the SF/CF service categories, ensuring superior quality and reliability. It effectively reduces engine wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your machinery and optimizing performance. With its 15W40 viscosity, Tractella offers excellent lubrication at different temperatures, ensuring smooth operation in both hot and cold conditions. Whether you have agricultural tractors, construction equipment, or other heavy-duty machinery, Fleetline Tractella 15W40 SF/CF/GL4 is the ideal choice to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Standard Specifications:
SAE 15W40, API SF/CF, API GL-4, John Deere JDM 27, Mack EO-K2, MASSEY FERGUSON CMS M1139, Ford ESN-M2C-159C,159B3


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