Keeping safe on the road this Festive Season

Keeping safe on the road this Festive Season

It’s that time of the year where you can feel joy wherever you go – from kids running along with laughter and Christmas decorations lighting up the atmosphere. As you gear up for much-deserved breaks, it’s important to ensure that your car is ready to take on those long trips for your time away and below are some tips to beat the holiday rush and keep safe on the road this Festive Season.

  • Ensure your tyres are in good condition

It’s important to keep your tyres in good condition. Regularly checking your tyres for wear & damage and their general condition is important for safety. Proper tyre pressure is necessary in giving you the best tyre performance, safety, and fuel economy so ensure you maintain your tyre pressure at the recommended level.

Maintenance Tip: regularly treating your tyres with Blixem Tyre Shine helps keep your tyres in great conditions and slows down wear & tear.

  • Change your engine oil

Choosing the right engine oil goes a long way in keeping your car in optimal running condition. Engine oil prevents the engine from clogging and becoming damaged, it ensures components last longer and slows down corrosion – improving engine performance and fuel consumption.

Maintenance Tip: change your oil every 10 000 km with any of our Fleetline or LubeX OEM approved oils.

  • Keep your windscreen and wipers clean!

Having a clear view of the road is a great way to enjoy the ride. Ensure you keep your windscreen and wipers clean as a windscreen burdened with dirt will cause wipers to scratch the glass and the damage will worsen over time. Make sure to not leave your windscreen unchecked.

Maintenance Tip: use the Blixem Windscreen Washer Fluid to keep your windscreen clean.

  • Top off your coolant

Routinely checking your car’s coolant levels can help prevent costly damage. Most automotive manufacturers recommend that you check your coolant levels every time you refuel, every three weeks or before a long trip.

Maintenance Tip: Oilflow manufactures a wide range of ready to use antifreeze suitable for all types of liquid cooled engines to meet the OEM coolant specification requirements.

  • Power up for long trips with a clean battery

Keeping your car battery clean helps extend the life of the battery. Ensure you avoid any grime and dirt build-up by removing dirt with a sponge or a dry cloth.

Maintenance Tip: try LubeX Battery Water to ensure impurities & contaminants are removed for uninterrupted battery operation.

To ensure you that your car is ready for the long drives this Festive Season, get in touch with us on 011 827 5848 or and our knowledgeable team will happily guide you through suitable products to help ensure you have a great and safe holiday.


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