Quality products for the moving transport industry

Quality products for the moving transport industry

The transport industry is a large and critical aspect of a country’s economy. The construction, maintenance, and operation of transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railways, seaports and more adds immense value to a country.

Although the operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure largely lies with the Government, ensuring that transportation vehicles are in optimal condition and maintained to the highest standard is a cross-industry concern.

Oilflow offers a broad range of products to help vehicles run optimally. Our range of oils, fluids and lubricants are suitable for application in vehicles within the industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction, mining, engineering sectors and public transportation sectors.

Our Fleetline products are blended to the highest standards for premium performance that ensures your vehicle stays on track. Fleetline products meet international manufacturer standards, are ISO 9001:2015, OEM & SABS approved to guarantee the highest quality with every use.

On the other end of the spectrum, LubeX products are designed to care for & protect high milage components in automotive and industrial uses. With a special selection of hydraulic oils, brake fluids and battery water, this range of trusted fluids and oils ensures long-service life and vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle cleanliness and maintenance are intricately linked and play a vital role in keeping your vehicle performing optimally. Ensuring your engine and automotive components are kept in gets no easier than our ever-popular Blixem Degreaser.

This fast cleaning & powerful product is suitable for degreasing painted and unpainted surfaces of mechanical and automotive components. It can be used as an engine cleaner, all-purpose cleaner for cars, trucks, buses and many more vehicles.

Oilflow’s product range is well-suited to enhance the management, performance & maintenance of vehicles across various sectors. Get in touch with our sales team on 011 827 5848 or sales@oilflow.co.za to ensure you find the perfect product for all your automotive needs.


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